What After 12th science And Arts - STD 10th Career Guidance Book in Gujarati

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What After 12th science And Arts - STD 10th Career Guidance Book in Gujarati


What After 12th science And Arts - STD 10th Career Guidance Book in Gujarati

Every day, we make many "decisions" in everyday life, but after completing standard 10, the decision to decide what to do in the future is very difficult.
If you choose the option of taking into consideration your interest-interest-circumstances for further study after standard 10, if you stay on top - that is, the first bench will be the student, then the entire sky is open for you.
પછી What after standard 10?
After passing standard 10, talking about main roads.
(1) Study in standard 11 and standard 12.
(2) Studying in Engineering as well as other diploma courses in diploma.
(3) Study in different courses of ITI.
(4) Study in various certification courses of technical education.
(5) Study in fine art diploma course.
(6) Studies in the university course in agriculture.
(7) Study in some professional courses.
(8) Skipping the study forward or joining the business.
First Class Std 11-12:
Taking the best answer to what to do after standard 10, taking admission in standard 11 is the main two trends for the study after standard 10: (1) General stream (2) Science stream.
After passing the standard 10, look at what are the main options for us:
Admission to standard 11-12 - Higher Secondary Here also there are alternatives to science stream, general flow, north basic flow.
Get admission in post-graduate diploma courses (Diploma in Accountancy, Diploma in Banking, Diploma in Home Science etc.).
Getting admission in Technical Diploma Courses (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile, Chemical, Plastic, Printing, Fabrication, Homescience, Commercial Practices, Mining, Ceramics, Textile Manufacturing / Technology etc) after standard 10 These diploma courses can be taken at government polytechnics / self-help organizations.
➣ Standard 12 Arts:
There are many courses that have a bright future for passing standard 12 with subjects of Arts. BA with any subject like English, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Gujarati, History, Geography Can be studied. There are some Bachelor's Degree courses in the field of Computer and Information Technology. In which 12 students get admission. Bb a. Some universities also offer admission to 12 Arts students in the course of the course. A series of consecutive BABEd (language) courses are started.
➣ Standard 12 Commerce:
Twelve students of 12 Arts and 12 Science Board have less than the total number of examiners. After passing standard 12 with commerce subjects (1) B. Com. (2) BBA (3) B.C.A. (4) b. SC IT (5) Five-Year Integrated MBA and M.Sc. (TT) M.Com. Many courses like LLB etc. run in Gujarat.
➣ Standard 12 Science:
If there are 70% or more marks in tenth standard, many would like to get admission in 11 science. Admission can be made in 11 science even if there are 50 percent marks in tenth standard. The number of people who take admission in science stream after standard 10 decreases every year. Many people are concerned about whether the standard markers will come in standard 12 science.
General Stream or Science
After passing the standard 10, after studying standard 11 in standard 11, the admission should be taken in the first choice. In Commerce or Science?
Dhoran 10 and 12 pachhi kyo korsh karsho? Many decisions are such that for taking them any logic is not there at that time considering the need at that moment only decision is taken. eg. While returning from school / college / office one is very hungry with friends one takes decision of eating Dabeli/Vadapav or hot breakfast. When one is thirsty then decision of drinking water. Many decisions are such which are part of momentary excitement e.g. In provision store went to purchase a soap. Soap’s fragrance was liked and purchased. A new ball pen / gel pen was liked and purchased.Yes, some decisions are such which are taken after thinking properly. E.g. If new washing machine / bikes has to be purchased?

ધોરણ ૧૨ પછી શું? ધોરણ – ૧૨  પછી શું કરશો?    After Std.12 ? 

વિગતે PDF માં જુવો 

                   વર્તમાન સમયમાં દરેક માતા-પિતાને તથા વાલીને પોતાના બાળકોની તથા વિદ્યાર્થીને પોતાની ભાવી કારકિર્દી પ્રશ્નો સતાવતા હોય છે.ઘણી વાર યોગ્ય માહિતીના અભાવે પણ માતા-પિતા કે વિધાર્થી કારકિર્દી અંગે યોગ્ય નિર્ણય લઇ શકતા નથી.ધો.૧૨ પછી વિવિધ ક્ષેત્રમાં કારકિર્દીની તકો રહેલી છે ,વિદ્યાર્થી પોતાના રસ અને રૂચી અનુસાર ક્ષેત્ર પસંદ કરી શકે છે.અહીં ગુજરાત સરકાર દ્વારા પ્રકાશિત લેટેસ્ટ માહિતી આપવામાં આવી છે ,જે દરેક વાલી તથા વિદ્યાર્થીને ઉપયોગી બનશે તેવી આશા છે…………

ધોરણ ૧૨ પછી શું??? 

ધો.૧૨ પછી યોજાતી પ્રવેશ પરીક્ષાઓ 

ધો.૧૨ સાયન્સમાં ઓછા ટકા આવે તો?

કારકિર્દી ઘડતર માટે જરૂરી હકારાત્મક અભિગમ 

ધો.૧૨ આર્ટસ પછી ઉપલબ્ધ અભ્યાસક્રમો 

ધો.૧૨ સાયન્સ પછી ઉપલબ્ધ અભ્યાસક્રમો

 ધો.૧૨ સાયન્સ પછી ડીગ્રી /ડીપ્લોમાં 

સરકારશ્રી તરફથી મળતી સહાય – યુવા સ્વાવલંબન યોજના 

બોર્ડના પરિણામો બાદ પ્રવેશ માટે અગત્યની વેબસાઈટસ

શોખને કારકિર્દીમાં ફેરવો

એનીમેશન અને મલ્ટી મીડિયા ક્ષેત્રે કારકિર્દી

પત્રકારત્વમાં કારકિર્દીની તકો

ફોરેન્સિક સાયન્સ ક્ષેત્રે કારકિર્દી

હોટેલ અને ટુરીઝમ મેનેજમેન્ટમાં કારકિર્દી

ફેશન ડીઝાઇનમાં સ્ટાઈલીશ કારકિર્દી